How to Dance with Others to Raise the Disco Ball in Loot Lake 1

Dancing with others to raise the Disco Ball in Loot Lake is one of the toughest (and craziest) Battle Pass challenges from week five of season four in Fortnite. Complete it and you'll get a bunch of XP that goes towards those tasty season four rewards though.

In this guide, we'll detail exactly how to complete the challenge, and the location you have to visit to complete it. You can learn more about how the Battle Pass, weekly challenges, and season four of Fortnite works in our definitive guide on the subject. Looking for other Fortnite guides? Here's our list of essential reads below:

How to dance with others to raise the disco ball in Loot Lake in Fortnite

This has to be one of the craziest challenges in Fortnite yet, and one that requires at least four players to complete. So we recommend you put together a squad of four friends to make this challenge far easier.

First, you need to head on over to Loot Lake – specifically the western side of it. If you plan to glide into the area, look out for a pier on the western side of the lake and land on it. You'll then went to head into the building just to the left of it.

Inside the building you'll find a room with four dance floors – one in each corner. They should be surrounding a disco ball in the middle. This is the disco ball you have to raise to complete the challenge.

How to Dance with Others to Raise the Disco Ball in Loot Lake 2

You've probably guessed by now, but each of you has to dance on a different dance floor until the disco ball rises. You'll know its working when the dance floor lights up, and starts sending that light towards the disco ball. It will take about 10 seconds from when you all start dancing until the disco ball has risen to the top.

You don't have to use the dancing emote, but it is the easiest way to complete this challenge. That's because the animation keeps on going, while other emotes you'll have to stop and start over and over again.

As soon as you hear sound and see an animation, you'll know you've completed the challenge. So don't stop until then.

Is there anything else I should know?

Just the usual – you do have to complete the current match of Fortnite you're playing to mark this challenge as complete. If you quit out, you'll fail the challenge and will have to start all over again.

Also, it might be worth giving it a week or so before attempting this challenge – even if you are doing it as a full squad. This area will be particularly hot right now, and it will be very difficult to get in there while fighting off the groups of other players doing the same thing.

You could try and achieve it solo, but you're running the risk that other players will kill you while you try, or right after you've completed it. Good luck!

Now you've completed this challenge, you can move on to finding the treasure in Snobby Shores, detailed in the Greasy Grove treasure map.