Detroit: Become Human - How to Save Emma as Connor Guide

The first challenge in Detroit: Become Human is to get Connor to save Emma, a little girl being dangled precariously over the edge of a skyscraper by a deviant android named Daniel. It’s possible for the child to perish, but if you want to unlock the ‘Mission Accomplished’ Trophy, you’re going to have to save her. Here’s how.

How Connor Can Save Emma in Detroit: Become Human

Connor needs to save Emma in The Hostage scene of Detroit: Become Human. The easiest way to save her is to examine the dead police officer near to the kitchen, recreate the crime scene, and pick up his weapon. Head out onto the balcony, and simply shoot Daniel to save Emma.

Alternatively, you can collect all the evidence in the flat and reason with Daniel. Make sure that he trusts you, and he’ll eventually let the girl go – before being shot by snipers anyway.