Splinter Cell PS4 Wal Mart Leak 1

Wal-Mart Canada appeared to leak dozens of surprise E3 2018 announcements this week, but it’s blamed the whole thing on a “glitch”. Speaking with Motherboard, a spokesperson for the embattled retailer said that all of the software was “speculative” – despite the fact that no one was asking for a RAGE sequel and it appears to be real.

“Wal-Mart experienced a technical glitch that allowed certain items to be posted to our website for a short period of time,” said a perspiring Anika Malik, director of communications for the company. “The items posted were speculative in nature and only game publishers can confirm the announcement of a release.”

Translation: we made a huge cock up and now behemoth video game publishers are very angry with us, so we’re telling you that our error was a “glitch” in the hopes that you’ll buy it. Oh please believe us – there are big business deals on the line here and we may have just lost them all. Where’s Will Smith with one of those memory zappers when you need him?

[source motherboard.vice.com]