rage 2 ps4.jpg

As is always the case with retailer listings, we urge caution before fully committing to this supposed leak, but if this turns out to be accurate, then we have have just stumbled upon a goldmine. Thanks to the eagle-eyed Wario64, we now know that Walmart Canada has a page that features listings for PlayStation 4 games that are yet to even be announced.

The page includes Splinter Cell, Just Cause 4, Rage 2, and Borderlands 3 -- all titles that are well within reason, especially when taking previous rumours into account. What's more, all four games just seem to make sense. Rage 2, for example, is something that totally slipped our mind, but it'd be a perfect fit for Bethesda's conference this year. The same can be said of Just Cause 4 being at Square Enix's video showcase. The page also mentions something called Dragon Quest 2, but we assume this is just referring to Dragon Quest Builders 2.

What do you make of this? Could you see any of these games showing up at E3 next month? Reveal your wildest dreams in the comments section below.

[source walmart.ca, via twitter.com]