God of War is finally out, but Sony’s selection of PlayStation 4 exclusives just keeps on growing. Detroit: Become Human is the next adventure on the docket, and there’s a demo for the title on the PlayStation Store right now. This allows you to play one of the opening scenes from Quantic Dream’s latest, starring a detective android named Connor.

You’ll have seen this demo several times before – and may have even played it if you’ve been to events like PAX or EGX – but it essentially deals with an android named Daniel who’s gone rogue a kidnapped a little girl. You’ll need to hunt for clues that will help you to talk him down – but things can easily go awry. A new flowchart feature shows all of the plot permutations for the scene.

If you haven’t played it yet, we’ve captured our playthrough in the video embedded above. The presentation is absolutely outstanding as always, although the developer’s penchant for perfectly postured American military men continues to grate. Nevertheless, the scene is superbly shot, and the visuals are frankly out of this world on the PS4 Pro.

But we want to hear your thoughts on the demo. Have you given it a go yet? Have you managed to explore all of the outcomes in the demo? Has this convinced you to add Detroit: Become Human to your basket? Remember to update your android assistant’s firmware in the comments section below, lest it murder your entire family.

What did you think of Detroit: Become Human's demo? (113 votes)

I loved it and will be buying the game day one


I liked it but will be waiting for reviews


It was okay but I'm not sure it's for me


I played it and thought it was pretty rubbish


I haven't tried it yet


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