Detroit: Become Human PS4 PlayStation 4

Earlier today a demo for Detroit: Become Human went live over in New Zealand. It turns out this wasn't out of the blue, as the demo will be available in all regions from tomorrow, according to a new PlayStation Blog post.

The demo consists of the first scene in the game, Hostage, which you will have seen before in previous showings of David Cage's latest. Playing as Connor, you'll need to resolve a hostage situation atop a skyscraper.

This comes with the news that Detroit has gone gold, just about a month before the release date on 25th May.

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, co-CEO of Quantic Dream, is relieved to reach this milestone: "David Cage, the entire team and myself are proud of the work we have accomplished during these four years. We are grateful to all our wonderful actors, composers, artists and partners around the world who have lent their talent to making Detroit: Become Human the very special experience it has become."

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