While other publishers are frothing over the prospect of adding microtransactions to their games, Sony is taking them out of MLB The Show 18’s flagship single player Road to the Show mode. The campaign – which sees you create a player and work your way through the Minor Leagues before hitting the big time – will no longer allow you to purchase Training Points or spend Stubs on healing injuries.

While it’s almost certain in-game purchases will be retained for the franchise’s Ultimate Team-esque Diamond Dynasty mode, this is a great improvement to the offline experience. In fact, Road to the Show is sounding like a step up all around, with new Archetypes capping your abilities in key areas, and preventing you from creating the perfect player. You may, for example, opt for a big hitter who’s a little on the slow side – or a competent batter who excels at fielding.

Player development has also been tweaked to reflect your on-field achievements; hit a ripping home run, for instance, and your power will increase. And if that wasn’t enough, there are a bunch of new hair and head options, while the previously announced Batting Stance Creator will allow you to design your own personal swinging style when you’re up to bat. Phew, that’s a lot of under-the-hood tweaking!

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