Sony’s released the first gameplay trailer of MLB The Show 18, which is scheduled to take the field on 27th March. Reading between the lines of the PlayStation Blog post, this very much sounds like an iterative update on last year’s outstanding entry, with all of the franchise’s most popular modes making a comeback. The single player-focused Road to the Show will be expanded, but it’s under-the-hood that the title’s getting the biggest tweaks.

For starters, the title has a revamped hitting engine with all-new physics, so you should find yourself slugging some new shots with this edition. That’s complemented by over 1,000 new animations, dynamic crowds, and unique home run celebrations. “Some of the changes we get the most excited about are the unflashy ones under the hood, the ones that seem like little adjustments but can make huge strides in terms of authenticity,” San Diego’s Ramone Russell explained.

There are also new Legends being added to the sequel, including the iconic Babe Ruth. Of course, there’s lots more to be revealed for MLB The Show 18 – including a “new feature that the community’s been demanding for years” – but pre-orders are open now. In fact, if you do happen to pre-order, you’ll be able to play the game starting 23rd March, which is four days earlier than the release date. And, for the first time, this applies to the European edition as well.