Final Fantasy XV has gone through some significant changes since it first launched on PlayStation 4 back in November 2016 after a tortuous ten year development cycle. We could drag on about how some of the game's downloadable content falls short, or how it feels like it concludes what should have been a complete game on launch rather expanding upon it. But either way, we think it's fair to say that Final Fantasy XV ended up a success; it made our #4 spot for Game of the Year 2016, after all, and if nothing else, it feels relatively unique in a landscape where many open-world games feel overly familiar.

For those who waited patiently to play the title, next month's Game of the Year-style release, the Royal Edition, is shaping up to be the ideal way to jump in. It's the game we probably should have had at launch, in all honesty, and if it's your first time playing through it, you're in for a treat. 

Not only will the Royal Edition include all of the game's DLC and its multiplayer expansion pack, but it also packs in the various improvements they have made to existing content, such as the infamous Chapter 13, plus some new improvements that we detailed last month.

In the latest developer diary above, there's a special thank you message to the fans. We also get to hear from some of the English voice cast reflect on the game and its impact on them. 

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition launches on PS4 on 6th March. Will you be picking it up? Or are you over it? Let us know in the comment section below.