Monster Hunter World Tobi-Kadachi Guide 1

Tobi-Kadachi from Monster Hunter: World is thunder and lightning in a monster form. This one will terrorise you from above, flying from treetop to treetop, raining thunder down on unsuspecting victims like you.

Follow our strategies below, and pay attention to our tips and you'll walk away alive every single time. Here's how to beat Tobi-Kadachi, including elemental weaknesses and strategies.

What are Tobi-Kadachi's weak spots?

Tobi-Kadachi is particularly weak to attacks from the head and tail, both of which can be broken. You can also break its back and legs as well, though it won't take any more damage from attacks to these areas.

The tail is the target you should aim for. This is the weakest spot on the monster and, if you break it, it will help reduce how effective the lightning attacks are.

Is Tobi-Kadachi weak to any elements?

Yes, Tobi-Kadachi is particularly susceptible to water attacks but will also take solid damage from fire and ice. Dragon will hurt it but thunder is completely useless against Tobi-Kadachi.

Monster Hunter World Tobi-Kadachi Guide 2

Is Tobi-Kadachi weak to any ailments?

Poison is the Tobi-Kadachi's weak spot where ailments are concerned, though it can be affected by sleep, paralysis, blast, and stun as well.

Tobi-Kadachi attack patterns

Tobi-Kadachi has two different states: charged or uncharged. While uncharged, it doesn't pose too much of a threat. Most attacks come from the tail so try and avoid that.

Once its charged though, Tobi-Kadachi is deadly. You'll know its in this state when its covered in lightning, so try and keep your distance.

Attacking the tail is key. Not only will Tobi-Kadachi take more damage from attacks to this part, but if you break it its lightning attacks will be drastically reduced.