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Great Jagras is the first large monster you'll face in Monster Hunter: World, and while it doesn't pose an awful lot of threat, it will still challenge those fresh to the hunt.

To help you tackle this scaly nightmare, we've written a few tips below to help you plan your attack, and avoid the Great Jagras' most powerful moves.

What are the Great Jagras' weak spots?

The Great Jagras is weak on the head, stomach, and front feet, and all three can be broken. Basically, as long as you're in front of the monster while attacking, you'll hit a weak spot and do big damage.

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Is the Great Jagras weak to any elements?

Yep! The Great Jagras is weakest to fire, but also takes more damage from thunder, ice, and dragon attacks. However, it is quite strong against water attacks, so these aren't recommended.

Is the Great Jagras weak to any ailments?

The Great Jagras is equally weak to poison, sleep, paralysis, blast, and stun, so there's no real advantage to picking any one of these over another.

Is the Great Jagras weak to any weapon types?

Slicing, blunt, and missile damage are all effective against the Great Jagras – particularly if you hit it in the head or chest.

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Great Jagras attack patterns

This monster generally moves quite slowly and tries to attack with its front paws. It has two different attacking states too, and it's easy to spot which it's in by the size of its belly.

If it's just eaten, the Great Jagras will have a swollen belly and will be much more dangerous. This does expose the chest though, which is a weak point and breakable. If you break it while the Great Jagras is in this state, it will throw up and revert back to its less powerful state.