Monster Hunter World Barroth Guide 1

Monster Hunter: World's Barroth isn't a particularly tricky monster to beat. While it does have one particularly powerful attack, the biggest trouble you'll have with it is knocking off the hardened mud that it uses as armor.

But that's exactly what this guide is for – to help you do just that so you can beat it. We'll also go through elemental weaknesses and strategies.

What are Barroth's weak spots?

Barroth only has two true weak points: its front legs and tail. The rest of it is usually covered in incredibly thick mud that shrugs off most attacks.

Is Barroth weak to any elements?

Barroth's elemental weaknesses change depending on whether or not it's covered in mud. If it is, it's incredibly weak to water so we recommend using water ammo or slinger bullets initially to clean off the muck.

Once you've exposed the beast beneath, Barroth is incredibly weak to fire so try and switch over to that. In all states, Barroth will take a big more damage from ice and dragon but is resistant to thunder.

Monster Hunter World Barroth Guide 2

Is Barroth weak to any ailments?

Yes, poison, paralysis, and blast are particularly effective against Barroth. Sleep is also somewhat effective, but there's no point trying to stun it. This monster's not going down that easy.

Barroth attack patterns

You shouldn't really have any trouble with Barroth's attacks if you watch it closely. Focus on clearing off the mud initially so you can expose the weak points.

The attack you need to avoid is its charging attack. This is devastating, and can one hit kill if you haven't got sufficient armor. It's pretty easy to spot though, as Barroth will line up his run just like a bull and then charge straight at you.

It's very easy to avoid though. Wait until Barroth has committed, then simply roll left or right out of the way. This will expose its tail so you can try and sever it too.