Kingdom Come: Deliverance Lock Pick Guide 1

Oh man, how annoying is picking locks in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Seriously, this might be the feature most in need of improvement. Well, we say improvement, but you might as well just toss it in the bin and start over.

Complaining about it won't change a thing, though, because right now we have to deal with it. We've spent time with this horrific system to get to know it in intrinsic detail. Here are our observations.

How does lock picking work in Kingdom Come?

Okay, so you only have to worry about the analogue sticks. You use the right to find the right position for the lock pick, and the left to turn and unlock the object.

You'll know you've found the right position when the icon in the centre of your reticle turns gold. You can fine tune this by moving up or down until the reticle grows as big as it can.

At this point, you need to start turning the lock, which you do with the left analogue. Start by tilting all of the way upwards and then move the left analogue counter clockwise, slowly.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Lock Pick Guide 2

Now what you have to bear in mind here, is that you have to move the lock pick while turning the lock. This is because the sweet spot moves with it. So just go slowly and move both at the same time and you'll get there.

The only problem you might face is that the right analogue tends to get incredibly shaky as you turn the lock, which makes it very difficult to see where you should place the reticle. That's not your fault, it's a fault of the design.

Where do I get lock picks from?

This confounded us a little bit too, but it turns out most traders actually stock lock picks. So don't worry, we're not going to send you into the sewers to find a shady trader or anything like that.

You want general traders though – not grocers or anything similar.


Why can't I pick harder locks?

Thus brings us to the next huge problem with lock picking – you can't even attempt to pick a more challenging lock if you haven't levelled up enough. The problem with this system is, if you want to play the game with a good morality, you won't actually get an option to pick locks very often.

In fact, you can't really find a trader to help you either, as chances are you won't even come across the shadier types if you play as a goody two shoes.

But if you still want to increase your skill, just do it in as low risk means as possible. Pick a door open in the dead of night, and maybe open a chest inside the house. Just maybe don't steal anything, as you'll have less of a chance of getting caught then.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Lock Pick Guide 3

Will the system remain this broken?

It's unlikely. On the official Reddit, developer Warhorse has already announced that the plan is to address the lock picking issue with the next patch, due in a week or so.

We're not sure if this means a complete overhaul or little tweaks, but take solace in the fact the developer is looking into it.