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Yet to be convinced by the biker gang storyline in oft-forgotten PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone? Looks like Sony Bend will be doubling down on narrative, as Chinese whispers suggest that it will have “hours” of cinematics. Of course, it’s an open world game so expect these to be interspersed between long stretches of gameplay, but it seems like plot is going to play a big part in the experience.

Now the source for this isn’t straightforward, so allow us to retrace the line of digging done by DualShockers. The story originates on a Star Citizen livestream (stick with us) where community manager Jared Huckaby mentioned that he’d been chatting with Sam Witwer, who plays Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John. So, it’s all second-hand sources, but it’s easy to believe.

Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has, for example, hinted that the game has a big focus on storytelling in the past. Moreover, the title’s first trailer seemed to lean heavily on its fiction – particularly the parts where the main character is reminiscing about his old life. And, to be fair, Sony Bend’s always been pretty strong in the writing department, too.

The title’s apparently on track for 2018, but (like so many of its first-party games) Sony’s keeping the project pretty close to its chest. We’ll almost assuredly see more in the coming months, so hopefully we learn a little bit about its story in the process. 

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