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Crash Bandicoot’s comeback can partly be attributed to the success of various social media campaigns, as PlayStation fans lobbied both Sony and Activision for the marsupial to make his marvellous return. As it turns out, the N. Sane Trilogy has been one of the better selling titles of the year, rarely straying from the top of sales charts around the globe.

And now Sir Dan fans want to see MediEvil make a comeback, and are assembling a Twitter campaign to commemorate the original release's 19th birthday on 30th October. There have been various rumours regarding sequels to the Sony Cambridge platformer over the years but none have materialised, and outside of a cameo in ill-fated brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, we haven’t seen sight nor sound of Fortesque since the first instalment was remade for the PSP in 2005.

Despite this, MediEvil is still fondly remembered by most PlayStation fans, and a #ResurrectFortesque campaign hopes to catch Sony’s attention. You can learn more about the quest over on Discord and Twitter, or alternatively at the MediEvil boards. This is definitely a franchise that we’d love to see on the PlayStation 4, so let’s see if the platform holder’s listening.