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It’s a strange world sometimes. It felt like Microsoft’s Kinect won the not-so memorable battle of the motion controllers, but as Xbox discontinues its clunky camera, the PlayStation Move is still trucking along. Originally released for the PlayStation 3 in 2010, the illuminating wands have found a new lease of life as part of PlayStation VR – with the platform holder even revising the design as recently as last month.

And now, speaking at Develop:VR earlier today, London Studio’s Stuart Whyte has revealed that the platform holder is actually increasing production of the peripheral to meet demand. “Currently, two thirds of the games released so far on PlayStation VR are Move-compatible or require Move,” he said. “As we see more Oculus and Vive titles come to PlayStation VR, we're expecting this number to increase. Sony is increasing the Move production capacity to [cater] to this.”

Believe it or not, there was a period last year when the Move was in such high demand that it was out of stock nationwide – certainly in the UK, anyway. It’s a surprising turn of events for the accessory, and anyone who visited this site when it was named MoveModo will perhaps feel like shedding a tear or two over the tech’s return to relevance some seven years after launch.