Push Play Episode 5

Coming off such an extraordinary month for game music in August means September was a little underwhelming by comparison, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing worth paying attention to. Some big names released this past month, and brought some significant music with them. And some lesser known titles brought great music into the fold too, and we’re going to touch upon a few of those standouts from September.

Destiny 2

While the lack of Martin O’Donnell’s fingerprints are a massive detractor right out of the gate, that doesn’t mean the music in Bungie’s massive sequel isn’t worth any attention. Michael Salvatori and a handful of other composers, including those involved with the first title in the series, filled the void with a legitimately exceptional soundtrack.


Reikon Games’ cyberpunk dream of a game had a fantastic score. A lot of it was comprised of licensed tracks, but between the collected works of Zamilska, Sidewalks and Skeletons, and a few others, the game has a lot of music to offer anyone interested. The music was a great fit for the neon-drenched streets of Rengkok.


The visually stunning indie title has an equally stunning soundtrack. A bizarre mixture of soundscapes combine to form an impressively cohesive, and downright beautiful soundtrack. Matt Uelmen’s score offers an incredible mixture of whimsy, with a haunting, undercurrent of menace. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Light Tracer

We actually had an article about a trailer song for this game some weeks ago, and how catchy the theme was. Well it turns out the music is great beyond just that one song, and this PlayStation VR title packs one heckuva soundtrack, that touches upon a variety of really strange sounds for a game, including music that wouldn’t sound out of place in a 70s era retail chain. It’s a wild one.

That does it for September, which had no shortage of great music. Anything we missed you’d have liked to see? Let us know in the comments.