Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s facial animations are lightyears ahead of what you tend to see in the role-playing genre’s best, but they were still the low-point in an otherwise immensely impressive experience. It’s exciting to learn, then, that expansion pack The Frozen Wilds will feature better mo-cap and more dynamic camerawork during conversations – although the improvements will obviously only apply to the new quests.

According to IGN, developer Guerrilla’s claiming that the add-on will take 15 hours to complete – around about a third of the main campaign. It’ll see you interact with the Banuk tribe, and there’ll be a brand new skill tree. Even more interestingly, side-quests will offer more meaningful rewards than in the core game, such as new weapons and modifications to Aloy’s spear. It’s all sounding pretty strong – and it’s out next week.

[source uk.ign.com]