Gran Turismo Sport looks ridiculous with HDR enabled, and its implementation is beginning to get a lot of praise. Digital Foundry has uploaded a beaming video hailing the simulation racer’s use of the technology, and if you happen to have a compatible television, you can actually watch the video in HDR via the magic of YouTube.

We were lucky enough to attend a presentation spearheaded by series creator Kazunori Yamauchi last year where he talked about the PlayStation 4 game’s use of HDR, and it was fascinating to see his passion for the technology. He talked about how HDR had enabled his team to finally represent specific shades of paint accurately (seriously!), and how the title has actually been built with televisions that aren’t commercially available yet in mind.

The video also touches upon some of Gran Turismo Sport’s other achievements: Digital Foundry praises the textures, the quality of the car models, and also the post-processing used in replays. It also manages to hold a pretty flawless 60 frames-per-second on the PS4 Pro, which wasn’t the case with PlayStation 3 entries.

TL;DR: Polyphony Digital’s done a very good job with this game.