The Medievil III Rumour Has Returned Once Again. Will It Never Rest?

The rumour seems to pop-up every six months or so, but despite us covering the game for a couple of years now, it's never been announced.

The latest rumour comes courtesy of PlayStationLifeStyle. They've dug up a job listing for Sony Cambridge (the home of the Medievil franchise) which notes that the studio are currently working on "a new game in a high profile, multi-million selling franchise."

Sony Cambridge isn't home to many block-busters, so unless they are taking up the reigns of another Sony IP, we'd imagine this is absolutely Medievil. After-all, we've been writing about these rumours since 2009 — and they actually pre-date PushSquare's existence.

There'll be cheers around the office when Medievil III is inevitably announced. Expect a big fat "told you so." We betcha it's going to support the PlayStation Move too. Wanna put a fiver on it?