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For as long as this site has been online, there have been rumours regarding a hypothetical MediEvil sequel. Sir Dan Fortesque was a pretty popular character on the PSone, before he got bundled back into his coffin. Sony did allow the star to stretch his bony legs in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but a full comeback has always seemed unlikely.

And we don't think that these "leaked" gameplay clips change anything at all. Spotted by various members on NeoGAF, the embedded videos show the lead character strutting through a graveyard. As far as fakes go, these are pretty good ones – with SCEE disclaimer text superimposed onto the image, and an overall high level of graphical polish – but we doubt that they're real.

For starters, the janky animation doesn't match the calibre of the presentation, and while it may still be a work in progress, it would be odd for the visuals to get cleaned up to a degree significantly higher than the rest of the product. The other factor is: does a reboot of this once well regarded franchise really seem likely? Surely series such as PaRappa the Rapper would be higher in the pecking order.

Bloodborne did leak in a similar manner, so it's not impossible – but, to coin a really overused phrase, we'd take this one with a pinch of salt. If it really is real, though, no one will be more delighted than this author – after all, it means that we'll finally be able to put those bi-yearly rumours regarding the series to rest.

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