Telltale Games introduced its version of the Joker – named John Doe in this story – during the first season of its episodic Batman series, and he’ll return in sequel The Enemy Within, which is scheduled to get underway next week. The neat thing is that the developer’s teasing how your decisions will shape the green-haired goon: he’ll be watching your every move, and each thing you do will dictate how he deals with you later on.

While the developer often exaggerates the consequences in its games – you’re usually colouring in a more pre-determined narrative, rather than completely authoring events – it should be interesting seeing exactly how the Joker uses your choices against you.

In other news, there’ll apparently be more villains in this season, including the Riddler. And yes, you’ll be able to import your saves from the first game if you have them handy. Are you looking forward to re-equpping the Dark Knight's utility belt? Respond to the Bat-Signal in the comments section