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This year’s slate of releases has been a dream. But alongside many of these phenomenal games have been equally phenomenal soundtracks. And to be frank, we’re starting to get scared about that “soundtracks of the year” list come December. Between Persona 5 a few months back, Pyre this month, and Undertale next month, this year will have a minimum of three clear-cut number one soundtracks. And that’s not even counting some other worthy releases. When all is said and done, we might have a Top 20 on our hands this year. But to jump back to present day, this past month in game music saw a few pretty significant releases, and we just wanted to take the time to show off a few of the best releases.


Okay, so this first one isn’t necessarily on here because it’s got a good soundtrack. The game’s “theme” is actually maddening, but it burrows its way into your brain whether you like it or not. Have fun unhearing it. There is some actual music in the game, but it’s there more as wallpaper for the title’s exciting gameplay. Who’d have thought that a synthetic voice saying the name of your game over and over until everyone’s gone insane would be catchy?


Sundered was a Metroidvania title that we came away from with mixed feelings on. One area that we definitely liked, however, was the title’s music. Right from the beginning, the music helped to paint a rather ominous image, and made the environments feel far more menacing than they otherwise would have. In fact, Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis’s score made the game feel almost like a horror title at times, which worked for the title exceedingly well.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see us talking about Supergiant when discussing great game music. After three releases, Supergiant has ended up with three of the best game scores we’ve ever heard. Transistor even won our soundtrack of the year in 2014. So it’s not surprising to us that Darren Korb knocked it out of the park yet again. The vocal tracks are standouts as ever, but this time around, we think he might have delivered his best instrumental music to date as well. Pyre’s score is absolutely flawless.

Were there any soundtracks recently that caught your fancy? Any game music we should have mentioned? Give us a shout in the comments section below.