Gran Turismo Sport is being taken on tour ahead of its October release date, but the response is not all that positive at the moment. The reality is that Polyphony Digital has ditched the franchise’s car collecting origins in favour of a more online-focused experience. The campaign, then, will not see you working your way through the Sunday Cup in a clapped out banger – instead it consists of a series of training minigames.

To be fair there are lots of these, but they definitely seem designed as tutorials for the multiplayer racing. And as you can imagine, that’s not going down well. Many are confused as to why the game has taken so long to create if it’s this thin on content. And others don’t really have an interest in the online aspect at all. Considering that it’ll be up against other simulation racers this Christmas with much more content, it’s a risk.

Having played the beta quite bit, we’re big fans of the physics as always, and we really like the way the multiplayer is integrated – you race a qualifier before matchmaking begins and you’re connected to other players. It’s also clear that the developer is committed to constantly updating the racer in a service-esque style. But much like Street Fighter V and arguably even Overwatch before it, the title’s looking light at launch.