The worst thing about Star Wars Battlefront (apart from the absence of a single player campaign) was how it left so many players behind. Hop on the game today and – unless you’ve got the Deluxe Edition or stumped up for the Season Pass – you’ll see a wealth of maps, modes, and features that you can’t access. It’s antiquated in a world of Overwatch and Titanfall 2.

Good news, then: the sequel will let everyone access everything for free. All new content – including John Boyega’s character Finn – will be added for everyone without cost. Captain Phasma and The Last Jedi planet Crait will be included in a December update as well, alongside a new space map above D'Qar – all complimentary.

Of course, this means that EA is going to have to balance the books elsewhere, so expect microtransactions to play a big part; we’re not really bothered if they’re cosmetic like in other games. Potentially positive news, then, accompanied by a very flashy multiplayer trailer that looks the Wookie’s whiskers if we do say so ourselves.