One thing you may not know about Days Gone is that it’s massively dynamic. This week’s E3 2017 demo may have looked scripted, but the game actually alters and adapts depending on the conditions in the open world. Sony Bend is showing off an “alternate” playthrough behind closed doors to demonstrate this, but it popped up on the PlayStation Live stream to talk a little more about how it all works.

Weather, for example, plays an enormous part: the Freakers (or zombies) are more powerful in cold conditions, but the snow makes it difficult for them to see. Meanwhile, rain can mask your movements, making stealth that little bit easier to execute. You’ll run into dynamic events around the sandbox as well: the clothesline booby trap near to the beginning of the demo is an example of one of these, and can be evaded with the right foresight.

And the cool thing is that you can turn the tables on the bad guys by using their own traps and even the Freaker hordes against them. It all sounds incredibly dynamic, and honestly way more ambitious than we’d originally anticipated. Sadly there’s still no word on a release date, although Sony has admitted that it’s deciding to keep this information underwraps in order to avoid any disappointment caused by delays.