You wait all winter for the sun to come out and then zombies ruin your summer. Arizona Sunshine is a new PlayStation VR game set to release in June, and it whisks you away to the desert where you’ll need to deal with the undead. This is another game packing PlayStation VR Aim Controller support, ruining our video feature from earlier in the day. Ten points for timing, Vertigo Games.

Seriously, though, this one’s looking pretty good: it’s not another one of those static shooters, so much like Farpoint you’re free to move around and explore your surroundings. There are a total of eight levels in the campaign, spanning everything from canyons to mines. And you’ll be able to enjoy the action either solo or in co-op online.

Once you’ve beaten the campaign, you’ll be able to engage in a spot of endless undead mutilating with up to three other friends. And don’t worry if you’re not planning on picking up the PlayStation VR Aim Controller: the game will support the regular DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move controllers as well.

It does seem like, as we near E3 2017, the number of PlayStation VR announcements is not only increasing again, but the scale and quality of the games seems to be going up, too. Hopefully this is all just the prelude for Sony’s press conference, where its headset’s sure to get another shot in the arm on stage.