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There are two great mysteries in life: how the heck did Ron pull Hermione and why has no one made a Harry Potter role-playing game yet? Seriously, the wizarding world is ripe for RPG adaptation: you could create your own character, engage in quests around Hogwarts, participate in Quidditch matches, and explore Diagon Alley – it’d be a bit like Bully crossed with The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

In fact, this is something your ever-so humble host has been musing over for years. See the embedded tweet from last summer:

The thing is, there’s word that Warner Bros may be working on exactly that. The publisher resurrected ex-Disney developer Avalanche (the team of Disney Infinity fame, not Just Cause and Mad Max) a little while back, and now it’s recruiting for a large-scale Unreal Engine 4 project that requires story-tellers to lend a “British authenticity” to the plot with “a deep understanding of gaming narrative and branching storytelling, particularly in the realm of RPGs”.

A recruitment ad for a Senior Game Designer requests: “Experience with similar design responsibilities [to the job listing], on a large-scale console game project (the bigger the better). Experience in designing systems or narrative for open world, RPG, or branching-story structure games.”

We’re obviously inferring a lot, but Warner Bros has access to the Harry Potter license, and we can’t think of many other brands in its stable that would require “a deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation”.

Could it happen? Well, it’s probably best to temper your expectations just a touch: this sounds like an enormous undertaking, and it’ll almost certainly take years for the title to see the light of day – if it even gets beyond the prototype stage at all. For many, this will be a dream game, though – it’s something this author has wanted for more than a decade now.

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