Thanks to some flaky fakes, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is back in the headlines. There's no sign that Sony's going to revive the mascot mash-up on the PlayStation 4, but the renewed interest invites an interesting question: should it? And if your answer to that is a resounding yes, then what direction should the successor take?

The original was obviously heavily influenced by Smash Bros, but it did try to carve its own path – much to the dismay of some. Would a closer replica see success, or should the platform holder take things in a different direction? It's not like PlayStation protagonists are household names on the scale of a Mario or Donkey Kong, so perhaps something a little more hardcore would work?

We discuss all of these points in the video embedded above, but we want to hear your thoughts as well. Which characters are absolutely essential? Who should the developer be? And what things would you do if you were recruited to serve as a producer on the hypothetical game? Brawl your way into the comments section below, and let us know.

Should there be a PlayStation All-Stars sequel on PS4? (102 votes)

  1. Yes, absolutely no question about it50%
  2. Erm, I'm not fussed either way really30%
  3. No, leave that monstrosity in the past20%

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What style would you like the sequel to adopt? (95 votes)

  1. I'd like it to be just like the first game14%
  2. It should be closer to Smash Bros, please34%
  3. How about an arena brawler like Power Stone?14%
  4. They should make a 2D brawler this time17%
  5. I have a completely unique idea actually3%
  6. Like I said before, I really don't care19%

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