Update (20:00 BST): It's official and it's live. Overwatch Uprising is a brand new PvE event for Blizzard's popular shooter, and you can check out the trailer above. Here's what you can expect until 1st May, via the PlayStation Blog:

You'll travel seven years into the past to experience Tracer's first mission in a brand-new co-op brawl. We've also added more than 100 new Uprising Loot Box items that give you a glimpse at other heroes' origins and backstories, including sprays that highlight key moments in our heroes' histories, skins like Blackwatch McCree and Genji, Combat Medic Ziegler, Talon Widowmaker, and more.

Original Article: Whoops, someone at PlayStation France will be sitting on the naughty step this morning. Overwatch Uprising, which Blizzard has been counting down to for some time now, has leaked online. The co-op event – which is expected to go live later today – takes place on the King's Row map, and will see you assuming the role of Reinhardt, Tracer, Torbjörn, or Mercy as you fend off waves of foes.

There are also a bunch of new skins from the recent Overwatch comic; we particularly like the new Genji outfit. All of this information should be announced officially within the next few hours or so.

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