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Overwatch has an all-new hero: Orisa. The tank class character sports a weapon named the Fusion Driver, an automatic firearm that deals consistent damage but slows her movement speed. Her alt is Halt, a kind of charge that decelerates enemies and draws them towards the explosion. She also has abilities which reduce the amount of damage she takes, either in the form of immunity or via a barrier that she can deploy on the battlefield. Meanwhile, her ultimate – which is imaginatively named Supercharger – is a device that can be deployed to buff any damage done by teammates within its line of sight, though it can be destroyed by the opposition.

Orisa's playable now in the PC public test realm, and will presumably roll out on the PlayStation 4 shortly thereafter. Her origin story is embedded above, while you can find out more about the character on Blizzard's official website.

[source playoverwatch.com]