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Out later this month, Episode Gladiolus will be Final Fantasy XV's first real slice of downloadable content. As its name suggests, it stars Gladio as he goes off on his own adventure, and will supposedly shed some light on the party's burly bodyguard.

Last month it was revealed that the add-on would only cost $4.99 without the season pass, leading many to believe that these promised character episodes will be rather limited in scope. And now, according to a Game Informer preview, we've learned that Gladio's story will take "2-3 hours to complete". That about falls in line with expectations, we suppose.

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Fortunately, despite its potentially short length, the publication does note that playing as Gladio is a lot of fun. His fighting style is described as "huge offence and precise defence", and by dishing out damage, he's able to unleash more powerful moves. It at least sounds like he's a lot different to the wily Noctis, then.

Are you looking forward to giving these character episodes a shot? Swing an oversized sword in the comments section below.

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