Hey, Mass Effect: Andromeda really isn't far off now, and if you're struggling to contain your intergalactic excitement, then you may want to keep yourself busy with the 40 minute gameplay video that we've embedded above. Running on PS4 Pro, the sci-fi role-playing release looks the part - although at this point we're still struggling to see past those facial animations.

Visual gripes aside, our reasonably high hopes for Andromeda remain. Going by what we've seen so far, the combat really is a step forward, and - if done right - the exploration side of things could lead to some engrossing space-faring adventure. Again, it's not long until BioWare's latest hits store shelves, so let's at least try to stay positive for now, eh?

How do you think Andromeda looks? Are you hyped? Worried? Turn that conversation wheel in the comments section below.