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We jumped on Horizon: Zero Dawn for that cut-scene pretty quickly, so in the interests of keeping things fair, this Mass Effect: Andromeda clip that's doing the rounds probably deserves a post. If nothing else it had your humble host in stitches of laughter, so maybe it'll brighten up your day:

Between the awkward pauses, bizarre animations, and detached voice acting, we reckon there's a pretty good cut-scene here – well, if the graphics weren't so ugly anyway.

In the case of Aloy's adventure, Brom's controversial cut-scene turned out to be very much an anomaly, so we're hoping for the same here. Even in our final 9/10 review, though, we called Guerrilla Games on its sloppy facial animations. But compared to what BioWare's serving up here, Horizon looks next-gen – heck, maybe even next-next-gen.

And let's not even get started on the weird walking animations (apologies for the bad language):

But hey, at least someone was able to make a great '90s sitcom parody, right?

Worried? We are a little bit.