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With Rainbow Six: Siege into its second year of content -- and with player numbers still rising and its next content pack Operation Velvet Shell releasing tomorrow -- Ubisoft Montreal must be happy with the game's popularity. In an interview with PC Gamer, however, brand director Alexandre Remy made it clear that its support for Rainbow Six will be continuing for quite a while, saying: "When we have 50 [operators] that'll be when the game is at its peak in terms of strategy. Looking at MOBAs, those games have from 80 to 100 characters and that still works."

Currently, the game has 28 playable operators, with eight more coming this year. It would take until the end of 2019 for Ubisoft to hit the target of 50, and then until 2025 for there to be 100 operators, which is a huge commitment. Even then, surely the developers would run out of ideas by that point.

Remy, however, reasons: "That was one of the questions that was asked by management here: weren't we going to be doing the same operators over and over again? But the idea is that you actually want enough operators so that for each pick you have a choice. Thermite for a long time was not a choice, everyone had to pick him in a team because he was the only one who could breach into a reinforced wall. Introducing Hibana, all of a sudden the player could perform that task with a choice."

In the same article, creative director Xavier Marquis also confirmed that Siege would be getting no new modes, saying: "The map can be different, the operators can be different, but we need something static and that is Siege mode. Siege is the center of everything."

Do you think Ubisoft will ever reach the target of 50 operators, or is it unrealistic? Do you want new modes for Rainbow Six: Siege? Breach into the comments section below.

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