Oh dear, oh dear - Square Enix has gone and buggered it all up. Final Fantasy XV's latest update - patch 1.05 - dropped in the early hours of morning, and it's already got people shaking their heads in dismay. Teased before the game even hit the market, this update adds 60 frames per second support for PS4 Pro users, but the patch notes specifically say "up to" 60fps - and there's definitely a reason for that.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the game doesn't really come close to hitting that new 60fps cap unless you're purposefully staring at the ground, as comically noted in the Digital Foundry video that we've embedded above. The real issue here, though, is that this new, uncapped frame rate mode actually replaces the title's previous 'lite' graphical option, which saw the game run at a smooth and generally very steady 30fps. In other words, this is the new lite mode, only now you have to deal with a frame rate that jumps between 30 and 50fps on a near constant basis. Yikes.

It's a rather baffling decision on Square Enix's part, as it's essentially removed the best way of playing Final Fantasy XV. While a higher frame rate does have its advantages, the new lite mode obviously results in very choppy gameplay, making us wonder why the developer even bothered. At the very least, this uncapped setting should have just been a third option - why it's replaced the previously praised lite mode entirely is completely beyond us.

So, who's looking forward to that next patch?