Ahhh man, Horizon: Zero Dawn looks great, doesn't it? We've always had a soft spot for Guerrilla Games ever since the original Killzone days, and it's great to see the studio branch out and try something bold and ambitious. But we're worried because the studio's never managed to write a great story in its entire history, and it needs to nail the fiction if its role-playing game is to be a success.

To be fair, it has taken measures to rectify old errors; the writer of Fallout: New Vegas has penned the script, and it's recruited big name voice talent like Ashly Burch to lend her to larynx to the main character. But some of the cut-scenes that we've seen thus far leave a lot to be desired; one in particular is so bad that it went viral on social media over the past 48 hours.

And that's left us a little worried. Killzone's always been a great shooter, but in our opinion it never caught fire because of characters like Rico. Now, with the plot front and centre in Horizon, it needs to nail the fiction – and it needs to ensure the performances are good across the board. We want nothing more than our fears to melt away when we play the final game, but there is reason to be worried at this stage.

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