Push Square

Do you like what we've done to the place? Phwoar, it's pretty bloody spiffing, isn't it?

For the past year we've quietly embarked on a Nathan Drake-esque adventure in search of the perfect Push Square facelift. We loved the previous layout just as much as you do, but the simple fact is that we outgrew it; we create such a variety of content these days – from videos and podcasts all the way through to our usual news and reviews – that we needed a better way to organise it all. And this is what we came up with: Push Square v4.

Our goal was to maintain the ease-of-use of the old design, while expanding upon it. We've improved the homepage so that it promotes a greater spread of content, and we've broken down the news into days so that you can easily catch up on anything that you've missed. Comments notifications more quickly allow you to engage with the amazing community, while you can now track your games collection and even rate everything that you own.

One thing that we're particularly proud of is how each section on the site now feels unique, allowing you to more easily discover the content that you want. Take a look at the Features page and you'll notice how we've gone for a more magazine-inspired format, while the Reviews page allows you to see what's hot at a glance. We've also dramatically overhauled the Games database, offering more filtering options so that you can better find the software that you want.

Our design and coding guru Anthony had this to say about the project:

We made a radical update to sister-site Nintendo Life around this time last year which was largely well received, however we've taken our time to listen to all the feedback particularly around the bits that people didn't like which has directly influenced this next iteration of the design. We hope that this version addresses most, if not all, of those issues and look forward to hearing another round of feedback.

There's so much more to discover on the new site, and we hope that you love it just as much as we do. Of course, it's important to stress that this is just the beginning: we have so many more ambitions for Push Square, but we see the launch of this layout as a fresh start that we can build upon for many years to come. And we want to do it with your input, so any comments or suggestions that you have, please post them below.

Push Square V4

Five Things You Need to See on Push Square v4

News, Reviews, Features

Rather than just filter our content by type, we've completely redesigned the News, Reviews, and Features pages, giving them a bit more standalone purpose. Now you can categorise News by day, week, or month, enabling you to catch up on any headlines that you may have missed. Meanwhile, the Reviews page provides a more 'at-a-glance' look at the hottest games, while we've given the Features page a more magazine feel.

The New Notifications Menu

Do you demand the right to reply when someone disagrees with your perfectly formed opinion on Push Square? Of course you do. The new notifications menu – accessed by clicking your avatar on the right of the main menu – will easily allow you to track who's copied you in to a comment, allowing conversations to flow with ease. (But remember to keep it clean, or Tasuki will be out for your throat.)

A Better Games Database

Want to know which PS4 shooter scored a 10/10? (Hint: it's Resident Evil 4.) Well, now you can, as we've spruced up the Games database to allow for more filtering options. You can sort by year, platform, status, and much more; there are even options to categorise by franchise and main character.

Manage Your Games Collection

Now you can finally keep track of the games you own, and even rate them with the new Push Square. This is all part of our new Profiles system, which enables you to add your own personal header image, as well as keep track of your comments and forum posts across the site.

Topics Tracking

If you have a particular interest, then we want you to get to it as quickly as possible. The Topics system will allow us to build specially curated pages around areas of interest, such as PlayStation VR, E3, or even specific franchises like God of War. This feature is still in its infancy, but we'll be looking to expand it over the coming months to more easily get you to the content that interests you.

As always, thanks so much for your support.

~ Push Square Team