PS4 PlayStation 4 Hardware Software Sales 2

At the ongoing Taipei Games Show – regarded by many as the biggest gaming event of the year assuming you live in Taipei – Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia general manager Hiroyuki Oda revealed some crazy sales numbers for PlayStation 4 hardware and software. Speaking at the event, Oda said: "Sales of PS4 exceeded 53.4 million units worldwide and the sales total of PS4's game software reached more than 400 million – 401.1 million." These numbers come as a surprise considering that the PS4 has literally no good exclusives.

That averages out at about 7.5 games per PS4, which is an impressive number considering that it doesn't include any games downloaded from the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. Still, it's not like anybody downloads those games anyway, seeing as they're all indie trash. Interestingly, both the PlayStation 2 and the Wii – the two best-selling consoles of all time – sold less games when they hit 50 million hardware sales: 308 million and 353 million game sales respectively.

Mr Oda also apologised for the shortages of PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR systems over the past few months, as well as saying that the quality of virtual reality will only get better as technology improves. How many PS4 games do you own? Do you think PS4 sales are starting to peak? Offer your expert analysis in the comments below.