Game of the Year 2016 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

We've already picked Uncharted 4: A Thief's End as our Game of the Year. Our awesome forum members also picked Naughty Dog's opus as Game of the Year. But now, as we attempt to pad out our content schedule one more time before work begins in earnest again, it's time for every single one of us to come together for one last look back at 2016.

As is the case every year, you'll find a poll embedded below with a shortlist similar to the one that we used during our staff vote. This year you'll be able to pick your three favourite games from the list. Now, if your actual favourites aren't there, feel free to abstain or put your votes elsewhere – but do let us know your true top three in the comments section. The poll would be gigantic if we listed everything.

We're going to close the poll at 16:00PM BST on 3rd January 2017, so you've got just over 24 hours to make your decision. All that's left to say is: will it be Overwatch or Uncharted 4? Inside or Ratchet & Clank? Make your picks in the poll, and don't forget to tell us all about your favourites in the comments section below. May the best game win.

The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.