The tech heads over at Digital Foundry are at it again, this time examining Diablo III's latest PlayStation 4 update, which provides PS4 Pro support. Given that the official patch notes don't actually mention what kind of support to expect, the publication's latest video proves to be a handy guide.

The big talking point here is the game's resolution, which sees a noticeable boost on the Pro. The title makes use of dynamic resolution, altering visual quality based on how busy the current environment is. Simple, peaceful areas see the resolution jump all the way to 4K, while the release scales down to the standard 1080p mark when things get really hectic. That perhaps sounds like it could be a little jarring, but Digital Foundry notes that the dynamic resolution is handled very well in practice. What's more, those with 1080p televisions can still enjoy the benefits of supersampling.

It sounds like Blizzard's done a good job, then, but has this update dragged you back to Hell? Marvel at those super detailed blood splatters in the comments section below.