We haven't heard much about Bamco's sky-high flight series in some time. After being announced at last year's PSX, details were scarce until Ace Combat 7 appeared on the list of playable games at Sony's end-of-year bash.

Unfortunately while this trailer confirmed that Ace Combat 7 still exists, we didn't much past that. Barely a minute of pre-rendered footage, and still no release date was disappointing, but we did get a glimpse at some narrative beats and the cockpit view. You should watch the trailer, but if the final product can even come close to replicating the cockpit view on display here, the game is going to be magnificnet. Add in the VR mode and we might have one hecukuva title on our hands.

Take a look at the new trailer and let us know if you want to take to the skies with us in the comments section below.