Sombra hacked BlizzCon's opening ceremony today in order to reveal herself to the world; it would have made for a grand entrance if the new Overwatch arrival hadn't leaked weeks ago. The character sports a Laura-inspired haircut (right, Street Fighter fans?) and comes packing a machine pistol, as well as the capability to hack enemy abilities and turn invisible. She can also place a translocator beacon which she can warp to at any time. Her ultimate appears to be an EMP; she's a three-star difficulty hero, then.

She's not the only Overwatch announcement that's been made today, though: there's an Arcade Mode coming allowing for 1v1 and 3v3 battles, as well as a new Oasis map. But probably the biggest news – for those eager to carve a career out of playing video games – is the Overwatch League, which will enable people to potentially turn their love of Junkrat into a full-blown career. Yeah, it's serious business now.