RIGS Mechanized Combat League PS4 PlayStation 4 1

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League may be an acquired taste, but at least Guerrilla Cambridge is putting in the work to keep its PlayStation VR exclusive in good form. The virtual reality release will be outfitted with new content this Winter, including extra RIGS, a fresh arena, and a bunch of additional cosmetic items. And it'll all be free.

The new stage is based in Zurich, marking the first European stadium in the game. "This Arena is an extension of the Rigs HQ Complex, and offers a balanced layout with a clear overview for the Tempest class and plenty of tunnels for the Hunter class," community manager Jeroen Roding said. "Skillful use of shields will prove essential when trying to reach the goal during a PowerSlam match."

Another addition coming as part of the Winter update are weekly trials, which will present you with a series of challenges to tackle in reward for credits, fame, and exclusive customisation items. Are you still playing RIGS? What kind of content will keep you coming back? Suit up and pilot your computer into the comments section below.

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