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Who would have thought, when the Kinect was tearing up the charts and the PlayStation Move seemed like a lousy waggle copy-cat, that it'd be Sony's motion controller that would have a longer lifespan? Only today, this author played a handful of titles for preview with the illuminating wand – it's definitely on the cusp of a comeback, folks.

And these new packages prove as much. Aussie website Press-Start uncovered images of a new PlayStation Move double-pack, which includes two motion controllers in one convenient box. The wands themselves look identical – though there is word of a Micro USB charging port – while the packaging now carries PlayStation VR branding.

It's worth mentioning that Sony's said PlayStation Move will be optional on PlayStation VR; every game will support a DualShock 4 option as well. That said, motion controls do significantly enhance the experience in some games, particularly ones where you have to independently move each hand in order to pick up and interact with objects.