Huge news for agricultural aficionados: Farming Simulator 17 will include trains. This has been an oft-requested feature from fans, and it's finally here. The drivable trains will allow you to transport your grain in mass quantities, as well as tree logs and animals. "We've even included tension belts to hold down and stabilise bales and logs during transport to ensure a fast and safe delivery," community manager Martin Rabl explained on the PlayStation Blog. This is genuinely exciting stuff.

Slightly less thrilling is the addition of pigs, as they probably should have been there from the start. You can expect tons of new crops, though – as well as fresh licensed gear to harvest them – all of which will be available on a new North American map named Goldcrest Valley. Don't forget, you'll also be able to play as a female farmer in this edition, so there are lots of improvements to look forward to. Will you be buying a ticket to ride this title? Try not to go off the rails in the comments below.