San Diego Comic-Con is on right now, and as is an annual tradition, plenty of new characters are being announced for fighting games. We already got confirmation that Juri will be challenging Street Fighter V next week, and now NetherRealm Studios has revealed that Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle will be joining Injustice 2's roster when it releases next year.

The Amazonian assault merchant is no surprise, seeing as there's a new movie coming out next year, but we've never actually heard of Blue Beetle; Wikipedia says that he was first introduced in 1939 – you learn something new every day. We still really like the look of this game, though Wonder Woman's hair needs work – we're getting PlayStation 2-era Triple H flashbacks here.

Still, the fighting looks supremely fun in that "bouncy" Mortal Kombat kind of way, and Gorilla Grodd is part of the lineup. What more could you want?