Juri PS4 PlayStation 4 Street Fighter V 1

Street Fighter V's next update will see the catsuit clad S.I.N. agent Juri join the roster of the PlayStation 4 exclusive game – and it's due 26th July, so you haven't got long to wait. First introduced in Super Street Fighter IV, the pigtailed temptress is a trained specialist in Taekwondo, and focuses on fast, flashy attacks and ki-based special moves.

The character will be available as part of the release's Season Pass, or you'll be able to purchase her with Fight Money if you win about a bajillion online bouts. Also due out on 26th July are three new summer-themed costumes for Ibuki, Cammy, and Laura, which will cost $3.99 apiece. Still no word on some proper single player content, though.

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