Battlefield 1 PS4 PlayStation 4 Multiplayer Modes Maps 1

Battlefield 1's pre-release beta has been data-mined by people with too much time on their hands, so EA and DICE's marketing plans are now more or less in tatters. This isn't any old leak: practically every detail about the first-person shooter has been posted on Reddit, from its list of weapons right the way through to the names of the characters in its single player campaign.

Because this is obviously sensitive information, we're going to dance our way around the details, but you can peruse the intel in its entirety through here. Choice excerpts, however, include the fact that there'll be ten multiplayer maps and seven modes. Familiar favourites like Rush and Conquest will be joined by new playlists, like Possession and Breakthrough.

The story will span six episodes, each divided up into various chapters, and there'll be some 37 weapons for you to use. It sounds like a very comprehensive package, then – and one that's sure to grow substantially post-release. Again, if you want to know more, you can browse the full leak through here – just don't complain about spoilers if you click.