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Despite Overwatch being a pretty young game, Blizzard is already planning ways to better the shooter in upcoming patches. Speaking to Gamespot, principal designer Scott Mercer said: "The big thing for Competitive Play is we're going to turn on one-hero limit, so players will not be able to stack more than one of the same hero within a Competitive match. It's not going to affect Quick Play at all."

Mercer also talked about plans to ditch Sudden Death in competitive mode and allow matches to end in a tie: "We're trying to find the sweet spot of a lot players like, 'Oh well, we got something out of [a tie]'. But at the same time not create situations where players might collude and create some nasty situations there."

Lastly, Mercer gave us a preview of an upcoming patch, which will include buffs for Zenyatta and D.Va: "Zenyatta is getting a little more shields, and he goes a lot faster when he uses his Ultimate. D.Va's Defense Field, instead of clicking it and it lasting three or four seconds and having a long cooldown, it's now something where you can toggle it on and off and there's a meter that runs that."

Are you a fan of these changes? Do you think that Zenyatta and D.Va deserve these buffs? Try not to settle for a tie in the comments below.

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